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How to Create Video Marketing Content with AI

How to Create Video Marketing Content with AI

Unlocking Video Marketing Superpowers With AI

Video dominates today’s online attention economy, captivating modern viewers through dynamic storytelling. By 2023, video will drive nearly 80% of all internet traffic, yet short attention spans demand greater innovation to cut through noise.

Luckily, artificial intelligence now delivers supercharged video marketing tools, from ideating hundreds of data-backed concepts in seconds to editing premier productions in one click. Let’s explore exactly how AI is revolutionizing video content.

Like any project, clearly define video campaign goals first and have AI tools align concepts. If boosting lead generation is the key objective, have AI generators suggest educational video ideas around resolving target customer pain points. Preview selections assessing effectiveness.

When crafting stories, tools like Twip AI create script outlines for videos in any niche. Simply request “5 fitness tutorial ideas under 3 minutes long” and curate from creative samples. Drop chosen premises into Emscript or Rytr which develop slick dialogue and scene descriptions for improvisation.

To streamline editing, platforms like Runway utilize AI to set timing on cuts, mix in stock media elements like B-roll, add motion graphics and auto-balance color grading so marketers skip grunt work. Creators focus efforts on fine-tuning personal touches.

For maximum impact, optimize metadata too. Tools like Twip use keyword research to ID high traffic searches. Then auto-populate SEO-rich titles, descriptions and tags customizing for each platform’s best practices.

Analytics dashboards from Sprout Social then track audience responses identifying highest traction areas worth expanding. Make data-driven creative pivots aligning with customer interests for greater ROI.

The key is applying human oversight so AI supports rather than supplants intention. When concepts align too closely with competitor content lacking differentiation, refine unique elements staying on-brand. AI guides discovery, while strategy focuses innovation.

What future applications could AI have for video marketers? Share your ideas below!

Ready to elevate your channel? Get started with Twip AI using the links below:

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